Vanguard VML - Sectors

Vanguard VML Group serves a wide range of industries within the UK, in Europe and worldwide. Our machine moving, installation and specialist logistics are required by many sectors including clients operating in automotive manufacturing, consumer goods, food and beverage production, OEM and materials manufacturing.

Our teams are skilled, resourced and equipped to operate within all industry sectors that use precision machinery or heavy machinery, plant and industrial equipment.

Whether you require a small machine move or large-scale production line relocation and reassembly, we will coordinate each with the same level of attention. We pride ourselves on our project controls and reporting, with strict control over costs, health & safety and timescales. Keeping you informed through each phase of the project.


Machinery moving and installation for the aerospace industry We provide a full relocation and installation service designed to consider the specialist technical requirements of your

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Food & Beverage

Factory relocation’s for the food and beverage manufacturing industries Food and beverage manufacturers or production facilities that use sensitive equipment require delicate operations when moving,

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Plant and production installation and relocation for the chemicals industry Chemical production equipment uses sensitive and sometimes bulky heavy equipment. Whether you require assistance with

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Plastic & Metals

Specialist machinery moving for plastic and metal producers Relocation or installation of plastic and metal production machinery requires precision lifting tackle and transportation vehicles. Our

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Paper & Packaging


An example of full turnkey support in this sector can be seen in one of our projects with a specialist packaging manufacturer. The client appointed

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Automotive Supplier and OEM

Machinery moving and installation for the automotive industry Automotive manufacturing machinery requires specialist skills and transportation for even a small local move or large-scale relocation.

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