Process, Methodology and Care

Our second Team Day this month was focused on company processes, procedure lead outcomes and methodology. Without these firm foundation’s customer service starts to fracture. Vanguard VML Group is building on these as the cornerstone of service, project delivery and management. The day was enhanced by the leadership of our SHEQ Manager, Phil Parry, who presented and lead the discussions on some great analysis and best practice methodologies for modern contracting. Phil is working closely with our Operations Director, Colin Williams to enhance the operational management culture and customer experience within the group. In addition to this our Head Office Commercial and Admin Teams gave structured presentations on the essential back office support, commercial control and IT systems at the heart of the company. We are incredibly encouraged by the level of communication and positivity within the company as we start our journey into 2019.

Pictured (L): Colin Williams, Claire Mellows, Kevin Hill, Neil Kennell, Phil Parry, Steve Darnell, Tiffany Brace, Mark Cauiser